Kevin McCarthy

Stalemate: No Movement in Three Rounds Wednesday as McCarthy Continues to Fail

Update 2: For the third time on Wednesday, Kevin McCarthy received 201 votes for speaker — one less than the last vote Tuesday after Victoria Spartz switched to “Present” — as the House seems prepared to adjourn. Many in the GOP will meet again tonight to try to find a solution, but it is becoming increasingly clear that the 20 who voted today for Byron Donalds are not going to budge.

Could McCarthy make a magical deal with Matt Gaetz and the other holdouts? It’s Washington DC so anything is possible. But the most likely scenario is that Gaetz convinces enough McCarthy-supporters to find middle ground with another nominee. Steve Scalise is still an option as being popular with both RINOs and conservatives. Some have even suggested the unprecedented move of bringing in an outsider such as former Congressman Lee Zeldin.

Update: McCarthy does not have the votes in round 5.

Original Story: Things are looking even worse for Kevin McCarthy on Day 2 of voting for Speaker of the House than they did on Day 1, which was abysmal for him. Not only did he fail to get enough votes to win the gavel, but he actually lost the vote of one of the Representatives who voted for him three times yesterday.

Congressman Chip Roy nominated Byron Donalds, making him the latest conservative choice. Like Jim Jordan yesterday, Donalds received 20 votes.

McCarthy got one fewer vote than his worst total yesterday. Congresswoman Victoria Spartz voted “present.”

Reports from The Hill indicate McCarthy is now in talks with Democrats to form some sort of arrangement to get him the gavel.

Ahead of the fifth round of voting, Lauren Boebert nominated Donalds again.