Matt Walsh on the Lies Supporting Lies by the 'Enemy of the People'

Matt Walsh on the Lies Supporting Lies by the ‘Enemy of the People’

No matter how the Kyle Rittenhouse trial ends, the story from beginning to end has been rife with more lies than truth coming from mainstream media. First, they propped up “victim” Jacob Blake as if he was on his way to volunteer at the soup kitchen when police randomly shot him down for sport. Then, they gaslighted us for a year about Kyle Rittenhouse, continuing to spread half-truths and bald-faced lies to turn as many people against him as possible.

Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh broke it all down in a single Tweet:

Jacob Blake accosted his rape victim then pulled a knife on the cops and tried to steal a vehicle with a child inside. He was shot justifiably. The media lied, provoked riots, leading to the Rittenhouse shooting, which they also lied about. They are truly the enemy of the people.

The people who lied about Russiagate, the Covington kids, Jussie Smollett, and a thousand other things over the last five years are telling us that Jacob Blake is a victim and Kyle Rittenhouse is a monster. And millions believe it all.