Transgender Capitol

Matt Walsh Exposes the Utter Lunacy of the LGBTQIA+ Supremacy Agenda

To “celebrate” #TransDayOfVisibility, conservative commentator Matt Walsh from The Daily Wire took to Twitter for a simple demonstration. He said nothing disparaging other than sarcasm over the false narrative that transgender people need even MORE visibility than they have today.

It’s a good thing that we have a #TransDayOfVisibility because aside from this day, and Pride Month, and International Pronouns Day, and Lesbian Visibility Day, and International Day Against Homophobia, and Harvey Milk Day, and Pansexual and Panromantic Visibility Day, and (cont)

Bisexuality Day, and Bisexual Awareness Week, and National Coming Out Day, and National LGBT Center Awareness Day, and Spirit Day, and Intersex Awareness Day, and Asexual Awareness Week, and Transgender Day Of Remembrance, and (cont)

Pansexual Pride Day, and Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week, and Omnisexual Visibility Day, and Non-Binary Awareness Week, and Transgender Parent Day, and every other day and hour and minute of our lives, we really don’t celebrate the LGBT community enough

It’s a simple illustration of the lunacy, but also a mild condemnation of a society that has elevated the LGBTQIA+ (it’s a long and inexplicably growing acronym and I have no idea what it all stands for) community above all others. I’ll be less mild. I think it’s the most dangerous gaslighting ever perpetrated against American citizens. Considering that every aspect of life in American now centers around “equity” and “visibility” for a very small portion of the population, we need to question the true end goals of the agenda.

Our military is now woke. Entertainment has been woke for a while but has hit ludicrous speed since Joe Biden was installed into the White House. Big Tech censors anyone who speaks ill or even uses the “wrong” pronoun. No, I do not think this is a minor blip in the history of the United States. I think this is an existential threat, one that is intended to pull Americans away from the Biblical worldview to accept an ideology that is both dangerous and nonsensical.