Matt Walsh Delivers Inconvenient Truths About Slavery

Leave it to Daily Wire provocateur Matt Walsh to tell the truth about slavery.

Nobody tries to justify what has become known as American slavery which consisted mostly of Blacks before it was abolished by the 13th Amendment. Nevertheless, Walsh has been lambasted for explaining parts of the history of slavery that woke Americans either intentionally forget or never learned in the first place. He did so again in an epic Twitter thread:

Well over one million whites were enslaved in North Africa between the 16th and 19th centuries, most of them abducted and sold by Muslim pirates. Africans were raiding Europe for slaves for hundreds of years. The school system has totally erased this fact from history.

Of course white people were enslaved in other parts of Africa too, and across the world for centuries. Including in North America where white “servants” were shipped to the colonies by the thousands.

Slavery in America didn’t begin in 1619. White children were being kidnapped and sold into servitude in the colonies before that. And of course slavery existed in the Americas for hundreds of years prior to Europeans ever setting foot here. Indian tribes all practiced slavery.

Slavery persisted in non-western countries long after it had been abolished in the west. Slavery was an accepted institution in Africa and Asia for millennia, and it seems to have never occurred to any of these societies that there might be something wrong with the practice.

And of course the African slave trade was mostly furnished by Africans capturing other Africans and selling them into bondage. The African slave trade was abolished by the west, not by Africa. Slavery remained legal in parts of Africa well into the 20th century.

Is there any “acceptable” form of slavery? Absolutely not. But let’s not focus on one aspect as a nation and pretend like it began here. More importantly, we need wokesters to stop pretending it never ended here.