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Matt Gaetz Tells Kevin McCarthy to “Pull Yourself Together” After Speaker’s Meltdown

Rumors are flying across social media after reports that Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is “fired up” and cursing at members of Congress during closed door meetings.

“Move the f***ing motion,” he said, according to three sources who were present.

His emotional response was predictable. Congressman Matt Gaetz and several Republicans on Capitol Hill have been ramping up threats to oust the Speaker for not fulfilling the promises he made in order to get the gavel.

Gaetz responded to the reported meltdown with a reiteration of demands and some friendly advice to his colleague.

Sounds like @SpeakerMcCarthy is having a total normal one – not rattled at all.

Truth is Kevin controls his own fate.

So instead of emotionally cursing, lets do this:

  • Single-subject spending bills
  • Term limits vote
  • Balanced budget vote
  • Release J6 tapes to all
  • Subpoena Hunter

We must begin immediately.

Pull yourself together, Kevin!

As Gaetz has noted, much of what he wants done would not pass in the House, nor in the Senate if any of it should make it over the first hurdle. But it’s important to get member of Congress on record with their votes on these important issues such as balancing the budget.

Other promises McCarthy made have not been met. The January 6 tapes should be fully released to the public. Hunter Biden should be subpoenaed; within the same time period under Democrat Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump Jr had already been subpoenaed three times.

It’s long past time for Kevin McCarthy to step up and fulfill his promises. Matt Gaetz and the conservatives with him have been patient, but that patience is wearing thin.