Matt Gaetz Points to the Real Insurrection

Matt Gaetz Points to the Real Insurrection

There’s an insurrection happening right now. It’s not the one you may have heard about through mainstream media who echoes the talking points of Democrats. They believe the mostly peaceful protests that included some people parading through the Capitol Building at the behest of local law enforcement was the insurrection. Or, to be more accurate, they know it was NOT an insurrection but they have a narrative to sell so they’re pretending like they think it was an insurrection.

But a true insurrection is defined as “the act or an instance of open revolt against civil authority or a constituted government.” We’ve seen many instances of this in the last two years, and the January 6 protests were not one of them. Antifa and Black Lives Matter have engaged in far worse activities that qualify more as “insurrections” than parading through the Capitol Building.

As Congressman Matt Gaetz noted, there is another insurrection happening right now.

The January 6 “Committee” is the insurrection.

The attempt by Nancy Pelosi’s merry band of Democrats and RINOs to circumvent civil authority by establishing their own definitions of lawlessness is as close to an insurrection as we’ve seen since the bogus impeachments they perpetrated against President Trump. They are subverting the very role in government that they are supposed to be defending, making a show of subpoenaing Trump’s associates to try to cast a wide net of pseudo-criminality around the group.

That, folks, is insurrection.