Matt Gaetz Announces New Measure Against Medical Tyranny

Congressman Matt Gaetz announced on Saturday that he’ll soon be introducing legislation to make so-called “vaccine passports” illegal.

“We will not allow the public health bureaucracy to be a new entity to drain our liberty away in the United States of America,” Gaetz told a fired-up crowd at an America First rally in Mesa, Arizona on Saturday.

“And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to trade mask mandates for vaccine mandates,” the conservative Republican from Florida continued. “So in the coming days, I will introduce legislation in the congress to ban vaccine passports everywhere in this country!”

This week, far-left Democrat Oregon governor Kate Brown announced the state would be the first in the country to require individual citizens to give up their constitutional and human rights — requiring them to take experimental and controversial Covid injections before they can enter houses of worship and businesses without a mask to have “vaccine passports”

Keep in mind this is the same Democrat Party that classifies requiring identification in order to vote in elections as somehow “racist”. But not all liberals are buying into this newfound medical tyranny.

Liberal feminist Naomi Wolf, a former Clinton adviser, spoke out against the new diktat, called the Oregon Health Authority a “fascist agency” and accused the Democrat-run state of dividing citizens in a similar fashion to Jim Crow laws: