Mass Murderer Who Hit Homosexual Night Club Had Major Charges Dropped by Woke DA a Year Earlier

The unhinged and indefensible practice by Soros-backed “woke” prosecutors to put as many criminals back on the street as quickly as possible has resulted in countless victims and senseless loss of life. We can add over two dozen more to that list after a Colorado man murdered five and injured at least 25 at a gay night club over the weekend.

Anderson Lee Aldrich should have been in jail or at least on bail awaiting trial. He threatened his own mother with a homemade bomb and firearms in 2021 and demonstrated clear signs of mental problems. Despite this, the charges were dropped and he was walking the streets. Early Sunday morning, he walked into a night club and shot as many people as he could.

According to Breitbart:

The 22-year-old suspected of opening fire in Club Q Saturday night in Colorado Springs, Colorado, was charged with felony menacing in the summer of 2021.

NBC News reports that Saturday night’s shooting suspect was “arrested by sheriff’s deputies last year after a bomb threat was made in a residential area just outside Colorado Springs.”

FOX News notes that the suspect’s mother told police on June 18, 2021, that her son was “threatening to cause harm to her with a homemade bomb, multiple weapons, and ammunition.”

Police learned that the suspect was in a home near his mother’s residence and went to speak with him. He initially refused to interact with the police before eventually coming out to surrender. He was charged with “with two counts of felony menacing, and three counts of first-degree kidnapping for the incident.”

Unfortunately, the charges were dropped in what appears on the surface to be a slam dunk case for any prosecutor. When a suspect’s mother is the victim and willing to testify, you don’t need to drop charges just because they couldn’t find a bomb. Had they embraced law and order instead of the woke principles of letting criminals go whenever allowable, it’s possible five people wouldn’t have lost their lives this weekend.