Chantal-Jasmine Fox

Mass Formation Psychosis: Smug Aussie Drives Her SUV OVER “Vaccine” Mandate Protester’s Vehicle [Video]

This is mass formation psychosis captured in the wild:

According to The Daily Mail:

The driver who unleashed on a Covid protester has shared the abuse she received online after claiming a ‘dumb bogan’ reversed into her at a traffic light. The incredible road rage erupted after an anti-vaxxer who had been at a Canberra protest allegedly rolled backwards into Chantal-Jasmine Fox.

Thousands of anti-vaxxers have descended on the capital from out of town for days of marches and protests against vaccine mandates and Covid restrictions – much to the anger of locals.

‘What are you doing you f**king bogan?,’ she said as the other films the front of the car to record any damage.

‘Get the f**k out of Canberra, go get a job and find something better to do with your f**king life,’ she yells at the protester, who asks for her licence.

The woman shared a series of responses to her Instagram stories, with one person describing her as ‘shameful’.

‘What do you have to say for yourself,’ a person commented, to which Ms Fox replied: ‘Suck my b***s’.


The problem with vaxx-nannies isn’t that they’re inherently crazy. It’s that they’ve allowed Pandemic Panic Theater to flair up their mass formation psychosis, prompting them to act like fools.