The Mask Tell: Antifa Was at J6 and They Were Highly Coordinated Despite Deep State Denials

Rogan O’Handley’s recent post on Twitter started off as reiteration of what most of us have known for a while. But by the time he was done there were a couple of revelations that I had never considered.

Antifa was at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. There has been plenty of video evidence showing their mask-clad members pretending to MAGA to stir up what eventually became known by corporate media and Democrats as the “insurrection.” But what does this really tell us?

As O’Handley noted:

Watched a J6 doc last night & something stuck out to me

Almost every MAGA event in DC during Trump’s tenure would be intercepted by violent hordes of Antifa

Remember how they destroyed DC during Trump’s inauguration?

Well we have millions of hours of footage of J6, and yet not 1 clip shows a mass demonstration of Antifa in black bloc that day

Do people really think they took the day off?

No, they were at J6 and it’s very easy to spot them – they dressed like “MAGA” but wore masks

True MAGA Patriots didn’t wear masks but when you rewatch J6 footage you see hundreds of face-masked violent agitators on the front lines

And the thing is, if Antifa is this “decentralized” Leftist foot soldier gang with no leadership then how were they all on the same page that day with the plan?

I believe we will one day expose how the Deep State coordinated their actions through proxies

Antifa was in on the Fedsurrection

It makes sense.

Does this mean that Antifa as a whole is a Deep State operation? While we can assume the majority of the foot soldiers are idiotic incels who have jumped at the opportunity to anonymously pretend they’re part of a revolution, we have to wonder if the leadership, coordination, and money behind them is coming from the Deep State itself.

I can’t think of any other reason that they would be so “silent” on January 6 despite being “bold” domestic terrorists during every other major political event.

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