Mary Katharine Ham Demonstrates How to Fight Covid School-Lockdown Advocates

Mary Katharine Ham Demonstrates How to Fight Covid School-Lockdown Advocates

Pundit Mary Katharine Ham has been outspoken about certain components of Covid-19 lockdowns for a while. She’s seen the objections from those who attempt to “correct” her on social media. Today’s thread addressed the ineffective and oftentimes dangerous school closings and attendance mandates that plague much of the nation.

Notice how she responds to a couple of objections. It’s important for patriots to take in talking points for instances when we have to defend our own stances on the issue.

Among *the most* copious & unassailable data we have on COVID is that it blessedly spares almost all children, & we had lots of indication of this early, but we ignored it in favor of a plan that actively hurts children. It was and is wrong.

Masking kids and closing schools is irrational, unscientific child abuse

Big thanks to @karol for staying on this and to the private, parochial, and public schools that did open last year and will this year.

I get this a lot. This is an unrealistic, immature way to approach public policy for millions. In my area, they’ve been out of regular school for 18 mos. Self-harm & learning loss are up. If a society operates as this guy would like, we’d eliminate pools. This is not compassion.

I also get a lot of “but what about might happen in the future and data we might have later?” Again, not a realistic way to do public policy. It has no limiting principle.

It seems quite sensible to favor mountains of data about a disease over possible future data, which we cld incorporate into calculations. The message of public bureaucracies that’ve systematically ignored good data we have on COVID+kids, is they’ll let us know when it’s “safe.”

In places where that public bureaucracy has been most resistant to letting kids do things in person despite tons of very good data, I have trouble seeing when they get to “safe” without being pushed aggressively. That’s been the story of the parents fighting for more than a yr.

And in many those areas most resistant to in-person school, all the staff and admin of school districts were pushed to the front of the vaccination line way back in the spring.

Here’s the thread on Twitter for reference:

How many millions of children have to be harmed to protect the infinitesimal number of them who might die from Covid-19? Is protecting these children from extremely unlikely death actually causing more of them to die?