Mark Meadows Epic Tweet Destroys Trump Derangement Syndrome-Inflicted Democrats/Fake News Media

Former congressman and President Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows brought us on a trip down memory lane on Wednesday, with the news that President Trump has again been exonerated from yet another Democrat/Fake News witch hunt/smear.

On June 1st of last year, Beijing Biden, or whoever runs his Twitter account, repeated the fake news report that President Trump “tear-gassed peaceful protesters and fired rubber bullets . . . for a photo,” amid real Democrat “insurrections” that were occurring in Washington, DC at the time.

Biden went on to claim that President Trump must be defeated “for our children, for the very soul of our country,” whatever that means:

Of course, early on the endless, violent Democrat riots of 2020/2021, the fake news media and the Democrats’ definition of “peaceful protests” included communist revolutionaries in Antifa/BLM burning down American cities, looting (especially minority-owned) businesses, and in some cases, outright murdering people of ‘unapproved skin color’ or those who rejected the communist takeover of America:

On the news that the Interior Department’s inspector general determined on Wednesday that EVERYTHING Biden tweeted on June 1st of last year was a complete lie, that President Trump did not clear out protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets for a photo op, Mark Meadows reminded us that this isn’t the first time President Trump has been totally exonerated of smears by the leftist cabal of the Democrat Party and the fake news media.

“They told you Trump colluded with Russia (false), Trump ignored Russian bounties on troops (false), Trump cleared Lafayette Park �for a photo op� (false), there�s no way COVID-19 could�ve come from the Wuhan Lab as Trump said (false)� Let me know if you notice a pattern here.”

Yes, we see a pattern here. And in a different time, when both the media and the Democrat Party had at least a modicum of respect and decency, they might be ashamed of getting caught in lies so many times in a row. But as we’ve learned since President Trump got elected in 2016, shame is no longer a deterrent to the radical left.