Gosar Levin

Mark Levin Goes Full Neo-Con and Paul Gosar Sets Him Straight

The Republican Party is split on several issues. That much has been made clear in the last few weeks, and it’s not just RINO versus America First conservatives. NeoCon tendencies of those formerly believed to be America First have been on display with the Russia-Ukraine war, amongst other issues. Tonight, two conservative powerhouses clashed over it.

Commentator Mark Levin showed his warmongering by trying to shame those of us who do not believe we should get involved in any way in the regional conflict in eastern Europe. He called those who object to sending $40 billion in aid to Ukraine “Putin ass-kissers.”

1. For the Putin ass-kissers out there who say why don’t we focus on the baby formula crisis rather than Ukraine, the baby formula problem pre-dates the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And it’s not about federal funding but government incompetence. Damn fools.

2. Some are confusing America First with a pro-Putin propaganda operation and Bernie Sanders hate-America foreign policy doctrine.

Congressman Paul Gosar pointed out the flaws in his reasoning:

Calling us names is not a logical position. I have no principle to follow but the path of peace and non-intervention. My grown children have known nothing except American war and intervention for naught. All losses: in men, material, time, and treasure.

Ukraine is not our ally. Russia is not our enemy. We need to address our crippling debt, inflation and immigration problems. None of this is Putin’s fault.

While I disagree with Gosar’s assertion that Russia is not our enemy, I agree with everything else. But just because I believe Russia is our enemy and has been since before the fall of the Soviet Union doesn’t mean that I think we need to help fight them over Ukraine, which Gosar rightly pointed out is not our ally.

Democrats are hoping to stoke as much conservative-on-conservative conflict as possible. We need to accept that any two conservatives are going to disagree on certain issues and have discourse instead of name-calling.