Marjorie Taylor Greene’s 14-Word Response to Pro-Terrorism Democrat Ilhan Omar is Spot On

Many on the far-left, and even many on the right side of the political spectrum, call the issue of peace in the Middle East, and especially the longstanding feud between Israel and the people who refer to themselves as “Palestinians,” a “complicated” matter.

But as freshman Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene pointed out on Monday to Jew-hating Democrat Ilhan Omar about the recent escalation, the solution to end the current conflict is quite simple in Greene’s view.

In her attempt to virtue-signal, Omar divisively tweeted on Monday, “Palestinian lives matter. Pass it on.”

MTG, who serves Georgia’s 14th congressional district and was elected by garnering a whopping 74.7% of the vote last November, responded by reminding Omar that “Jewish lives matter,” then offered a solution to end the current conflict:

“So tell your terrorist[s] buddies in Hamas to stop bombing them.”

This is an inconvenient fact that seems to escape those on the left and in the fake news media. It is ALWAYS Israel responding to attacks from “Palestinians” and NEVER the other way around. This conflict would stop if the Hamas terrorists would stop bombing and committing other acts of terrorism. It is that simple, as Congresswoman Greene succinctly points out.

MTG included the hashtag #JihadSquad. The anti-American radical Marxist Democrat congresswomen including Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who were elected in 2018, are often referred to in political circles as the “squad.”

Ilhan Omar, who reportedly married her own brother in order to skirt immigration laws, has a long history of anti-Semitic statements. In 2019, she was forced to apologize after a series of hateful tweets resulted in a bipartisan backlash.

On Sunday’s Face the Nation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that his nation will continue to do “whatever it takes to restore order and quiet” following the bombs launched by “Palestinian” terrorists.

Last week, Omar characterized Israel’s response to thousands of bombs launched into Israel by Hamas terrorists as “an act of terrorism.”