Marjorie Taylor Greene: The Democrats’ “Infrastructure” Bill Will ‘Enslave Us’ to Communist China

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, in an interview with Real America’s Voice host Jenna Ellis, described the so-called Biden “infrastructure” bill as a “catastrophe for our country”.

Greene contends that it “basically passes the Green New Deal” because a whopping 50% of the spending in the proposal are planks of the far-left communist takeover of the American economy that has been pushed by the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an anti-American Marxist and other far-left extremist Democrats.

“I can’t ring the alarm bells loud enough,” Congresswoman Greene told Ellis, explaining that the leftist wish list will “enslave us to China”.

MTG reveals that the Democrat-sponsored bill will give $4 billion taxpayer dollars to Communist China for the “electrification” of automobiles.

“Here’s the problem,” Greene explained. “China dominates the battery market” meaning Americans will be forced to buy electric cars that will benefit Communist China, an enemy of America and individual freedom.


MTG noted that the so-called “infrastructure” bill, which is over 1,500 pages long, does not pay for “one single new road”.