Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes Bold Prediction About Twitter

Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes Bold Prediction About Twitter

When Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene was kicked off of Twitter this week, it highlighted what most conservatives have known for a while. The “platform” is antagonistic towards patriots and militant against the truth, especially as it pertains to topics like the Covid “vaccines” being neither safe nor effective. Science is about discourse and examination of the data. Twitter cares nothing about the science. They only exist to perpetuate the false narratives surrounding Covid for as long as they’re allowed.

Greene’s prediction that she posted on Gab indicates she believes they will not be allowed to continue their propaganda, censorship, and gaslighting campaigns for very much longer.

By the end of this year, Twitter will be irrelevant and will lose it’s grip on American politics.

The arrogant puppet masters should have learned over this last year that silly punishments like kicking me off committees and permanent Twitter bans don’t work on me, they only make me more determined, stronger, & effective.


I’m not here for the club, I’m only here for the People, which the elites in our government and all powerful media/big tech, and their Communist Global partners just want to abuse and control. They will fail and the People will win.

When I’m pushed out, I’m able to see very clearly the problems, how to fix the broken system, and more importantly who are the ones to blame.

Yesterday started very big things.

The sun is setting on Twitter.

She may be right. The truth has been harder and harder for them to keep under wraps. They’ve canceled truth-tellers such as Greene, Alex Berenson, Dr. Robert Malone, and many others in the last few weeks. But even as they cancel the accounts, other Twitter users step up and spread the truth. It’s untenable for Twitter to be able to keep all discourse off their platform in the name of “stopping misinformation,” but that doesn’t mean they won’t try.

It’s also very possible that with alternative social sites like Gab continuing to grow, one or more may reach a tipping point when conservatives will be able to find real utility out of them that’s equal to or greater than what Twitter has to offer. With the midterm elections around the corner, it seems more likely everyday that Twitter will implode while trying in vain to contain the narratives they don’t like.

It behooves conservatives to build or engage with their accounts away from Twitter. Today, the “platform” still holds an advantage over alternatives, but their grip on dominance is rapidly slipping away.