Marjorie Taylor Greene is Suing 'The Queen of the House of Hypocrites' Nancy Pelosi

Marjorie Taylor Greene is Suing ‘The Queen of the House of Hypocrites’ Nancy Pelosi

Simple is often better. Politicians are rarely in the habit of keeping things simple. They like to convolute the complex so they can sneak in whatever they don’t want the people to see. But Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t an average politician. She, like most of us, like it simple. That’s why her announcement today was perfect.

The site she Tweeted,, is a fundraising page that shows a photo of Pelosi with the words: “HELP Marjorie Taylor Greene Sue Pelosi. Donate now.”

Her lawsuit is presumably going to hit the Speaker of the House over the face mask fines Greene and others incurred based on Pelosi’s hypocritical mandates for the House floor.

“All she cares about is control, and that is what the mask is,” Greene said during the press conference.

She called Pelosi “the Queen of the House of Hypocrites,” later showing a picture of Pelosi on the House floor not wearing a face mask on the day that Greene and others were fined. “Where’s her fine?” she asked.

More Americans are recognizing the hypocrisy coming from Washington DC regarding face masks, vaccine mandates, and the elitism our “leaders” embrace. But Marjorie Taylor Greene has a different take on representative government and she’s taking action against the hypocrites.