Marjorie Taylor Greene Believes a GOP Mega-Donor Had Her Kicked Off Twitter for Attacking a RINO

Marjorie Taylor Greene Believes a GOP Mega-Donor Had Her Kicked Off Twitter for Attacking a RINO

When Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene had one of her Twitter accounts banned, most of us assumed it was over one of the standard issues. As a conservative, she was always a target of the progressive social platform. As a vaccine skeptic, she could easily have the “misinformation” label tossed at her by the vaxx-nannies in Big Tech.

But on Steve Bannon’s show today, she offered a theory that pointed not to the progressives at Twitter, but instead at a Republican mega-donor who is on the board. Paul Singer, one of the top backers of the GOP Establishment, has the power to have her removed if he desired. One of his favorite RINOs on Capitol Hill, Congressman Dan Crenshaw, has been the recipient of criticism from MTG in recent weeks.

Coincidence? Greene and Bannon don’t think so. Watch the segment on Gab.

Bannon: “Did Paul Singer have you kicked off? Let’s cut to the chase.”

MTG: “I believe he did. He’s donated a lot of money to support Dan Crenshaw and I can tell you right now I’ve never had a donation from him and I really don’t want one.”

In case you’re unfamiliar with Singer, here’s a snippet from his Wikipedia page. Does this sound like a conservative to you?

Singer’s philanthropic activities include financial support for LGBTQ rights. He has provided funding to the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, is a strong opponent of raising taxes for the wealthiest 1% of taxpayers and opposes aspects of the Dodd-Frank Act. Singer is active in Republican Party politics and Singer and others affiliated with Elliott Management are collectively “the top source of contributions” to the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Dan Crenshaw was once a darling of conservatives who appreciated his vigor and his service in the military. But the longer he stays in office, the more clear it becomes that he’s not a conservative. He’s a RINO, neo-conservative globalist who is a step away from being the next Paul Ryan. MTG is the type of America-First Congresswoman we need on Capitol Hill.