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Maricopa Election Chief Bill Gates Tries to Explain Away Election Day Debacle, Makes it Worse Instead

Most of our readers know Microsoft founder Bill Gates is a eugenicist and globalist who adored Jeffrey Epstein and wants most people in the world to die quickly. But there’s another evil Bill Gates who has the polish of a practiced politician. The Maricopa County Supervisor seems willing to do anything he can to help Democrats retain power in Arizona.

His latest attempt to “debunk” claims of Election Day shenanigans that flipped the vote to favor Democrats would be laughable if it wasn’t so destructive. He wanted to defuse complaints that the election was rigged, whether intentionally or due to an inexplicable string of malfunctions, to help Democrats win. His argument is that the problems that took place “coincidentally” at 70 polling places on Election Day were spread out across the county, so therefore there was nothing favoring Democrats. Watch:

What Gates doesn’t say is that Election Day voters favored Republicans 3-to-1 regardless of geography. They knew that. It’s why the machines were able to perfectly count mail-in ballots. It’s why the tabulators were all working the day before. It’s why they suddenly and “coincidentally” broke when a bulk of Republican voters were attempting to exercise their rights.

This guys is a creep and the people know. Here are some of the reactions to his video:

This guy deserves jail time… but not before we correct this election properly. Leave a comment about this story on our new Substack.