Maniacal Depopulationist Bill Gates Is Clairvoyant

There are people who are great at predicting things. Some of them play the ponies. Others play the market. Some of them even get rich in the process.

Bill Gates has a different kind of clairvoyance. His connections to the globalist elites combined with his tremendous wealth that goes far beyond nearly everyone else when you include his “charitable” foundations allows him to manufacture circumstances. He can’t predict the future, but he can force parts of the future through his machinations and magically be prepared for them when they happen.

This was the takeaway from a clever Tweet by @TrueNorth2021 “touting” him as “amazing”:

“Bill Gates is amazing. He launches artificial breast milk right as formula shortage hits America; he is the largest investor in vaccines and there’s a pandemic; he is the largest owner of land in America and there’s a food crisis. It’s like he’s clairvoyant.”

As most of our readers know, Bill Gates is nothing more than a rich and evil depopulationist who uses his accumulated resources to bring forth a dystopian future with him and his cronies on top.