Illegal Alien Murderer

Man Who Allegedly Killed His Three Kids and Self Was an Illegal Alien With an Unlawful Firearm Who Was Just Released from Jail

When news broke earlier this week that a man had killed his three kids, himself, and one other person in California, gun-grabbers instantly started chanting about gun control laws needing to be strengthened even though California has some of the worst laws in the country.

But there were indications that he may have been an illegal alien and the firearm used was one he did not have the legal right to possess. Those rumors were confirmed today. According to BizPacReview:

A supervised visit in northern California ended early last Monday when the father pulled the trigger on an illegally obtained firearm and killed his three daughters, their chaperone, and finally himself.

The shooter was David Fidel Mora-Rojas, a 39-year-old Mexican native who had overstayed his visa after last entering the United States in late December 2018, AP News reported.

The sordid tale of California’s idiotic policies became even sadder when we learned about his recent history:

Further frustrating the situation, the gunman who allegedly opened fire in the sanctuary of The Church of Sacramento had been released from jail on a $15,000 bond just five days prior to the incident after being charged with resisting arrest, drunk driving, and assaulting a police officer. A 2017 California sanctuary state law prohibited law enforcement officials from notifying U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in most instances- despite their request to be notified upon his release.

“This unspeakable tragedy highlights the true cost, unintended or not, of sanctuary policies that prevent law enforcement from protecting its citizens,” read a statement issued by Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones on Facebook.

Leftists love promoting gun control even when most firearms used in crimes are not legally obtained or possessed. They love to release criminals and keep other interested parties in the dark for the criminals’ “protection.” And they love defending illegal aliens as simply “undocumented immigrants.” As a result of these three unhinged leftist perspectives, three children are dead.