Trump Mask

Mall Security Kicks out Kid for Wearing Trump Face Mask

This is the state of America today. It’s now a crime to support a former President of the United States. The easily triggered are engaged in tyranny over those who believe in freedom of speech. Are we doomed? No. We fight back.

Now is the time for those who still defend the Constitution and embrace our freedoms to stand up to this type of tyranny. On the grand scale of things, it seems minor. But it’s the minor disruptions of our rights that accumulate slowly. They creep until it’s normalized. Eventually, people simply stop wearing such masks out of convenience. They don’t want to be hassled. Let’s hope the kids in this video take their lesson in the other direction.

We need Americans to be bold. This is not some great afront, and that’s the problem. If we cannot stand up to such petty infractions, we will not be ready to stand up when the major attacks on freedoms pop up. Today, those attacks are already happening. Who will stand and fight?