Madison Cawthorn

Madison Cawthorn Has Three Words for America Following Homosexual Porn Scandal in the Senate

(America First Report)—Former Congressman Madison Cawthorn lost his 2022 primary election. He was popular in his district and a rising star in the GOP. But he made a mistake. He started exposing the sexual depravity and drug culture on Capitol Hill, so the UniParty Swamp took him out. Senator Mitch McConnell led the charge to run him out of Washington DC.

Yesterday’s graphic news of homosexual porn being filmed in a Senate hearing room would seem like big news to most, but corporate media is busy making sure it didn’t happen. After all, it was an aide to a Democrat. That aide is both anti-Zionist and homosexual. Therefore, the story is getting buried in the deepest hole they can find.

Cawthorn had three words for us. They weren’t meant to inspire or to condemn. They just are.

“I told you.”

Yes he did. Before he was shockingly primaried out of office, he made some startling accusations about being invited to orgies by fellow members of Congress. He described offers of cocaine from Senators. He casually and perhaps unwittingly became a threat to the UniParty Swamp so they got rid of him. But before they could, he really did try to tell us.

The moral of the story is that we need to stop supporting those who are covering for the evil cabal and support those who are willing to fight against it. That may seem simplistic, yet it rarely happens so it needs to be reiterated over and over again.