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Lynda “Wonder Woman” Carter Spews Bile at Kari Lake, Who Delivers the Classiest Response Possible

When the #DilleyMemeTeam released a cute rendition of the old “Wonder Woman” opening that featured Kari Lake, it was well received by most…

… but not by Lynda Carter, the actress who portrayed the superhero in the 1970s.

Carter posted, “Wonder Woman represents kindness, empathy, and pursuit of truth and justice. It is a delusion to believe Kari Lake could fill those boots, unless she’s just dropping by a Spirit Halloween store.”

It was a bitter and inaccurate response, especially considering that Lake has been pursuing truth and justice with both kindness and empathy since before she even ventured into politics. But Carter has built a reputation in recent years of latching onto every woke viewpoint she can attach herself to, so it’s no surprise she would attack Lake over a meme.

Did Lake lash out? No. She dropped one of the classiest replies I’ve ever seen from someone who was just insulted by a former celebrity.

Hello @RealLyndaCarter,

What an incredible surprise to see that you responded to this light-hearted Meme that somebody made today.

I have nothing but the utmost gratitude for you. I loved the role you played as Wonder Woman. As a child in the 70s, I enjoyed EVERY single episode I had a chance to watch.

And when I went to deliver my beautiful babies nearly 2 decades ago, I wore a Wonder Woman T-shirt (Becoming a mother makes you feel like a Super Hero!)

I wish you nothing but love and I believe that we both ❤️ America and hope to bring our country together under the US Constitution and the freedoms and liberties our Founding Fathers worked into that amazing document.

May God Bless You and I pray that one day I get to meet you❤️

p.s. I don’t plan on dressing-up for Halloween this year. I’m going to be too busy trying to save America.

As much as I’d love to see Kari Lake intellectually dismantle the former Hollywood star, this display of class achieved a far better result. They say in politics you should never punch down. This is the way.