Lyin’ Liz Cheney Tests Possible 2024 Campaign Messaging: Trump Supporters Are “Very Sick” So Vote for Liz!

It’s no secret that we don’t like Liz Cheney. We didn’t like her when she voted to impeach Donald Trump. We didn’t like her when she was asked by her good friend Nancy Pelosi to participate in the January 6 witch hunt. And we definitely didn’t like that she used her position on the J6 Committee as a personal attack platform against President Trump and his supporters.

Perhaps more than anyone else in DC, including Democrats, Liz Cheney has the most severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome possible.

Now that she has lost her seat in arguably the most humiliating primary loss in U.S. history, she appears to be poised to spend her final days on Capitol Hill demonstrating just how bitter she can be. We knew she would be upset, but she’s attacking everyone and their dog in the Republican Party now, including the voters who refused to embrace her anti-American Neo-Conservatism.

According to Fox News:

Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming called “large portions” of the Republican Party “very sick” in an interview recapping her failed bid to stay in office. Cheney, asked by ABC News what she thought her loss said about the Republican Party, said it signified former President Donald Trump’s stranglehold on the party.

“It says that clearly [Trump’s] hold is very strong among some portions of the Republican Party. My state of Wyoming is not necessarily a representative sample of the party,” Cheney said.

Wyoming is one of the reddest states in the union.

Cheney continued, “I think it says a couple of things. I think it says people continue to believe the lie. They continue to believe what he’s saying, which is dangerous.”

What is she really saying here? She’s running for president in 2024. Of that I have zero doubt. But she’s clearly unpopular among Wyoming Republicans so she’s testing the waters to see if her national audience of more moderate Republicans are willing to go along with the notion that the America First wing of the party is a problem. If she can get enough people to agree with her that Trump supporters are “very sick,” then maybe she can squeeze out a victory!

In other words, Liz Cheney isn’t just a NeoCon Trump-hater. She is so completely delusional that she doesn’t realize how much she’s despised by the vast majority of people in her own party. I sincerely feel sorry about her TDS-induced mental acuity challenges.

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