Lt. Col. Allen West

Lt. Col. Allen West Leads Greg Abbott in Texas Gubernatorial Race

It’s no secret that I have a favorite in the Texas gubernatorial race. Governor Greg Abbott has been okay. In most states, I’m okay with “okay” for a Republican governor since the GOP Establishment has infected even the reddest of states with only a handful of exceptions. But Texas is supposed to be one of the beacons of hope for conservatives, and having an “okay” Republicans governor there simply isn’t acceptable.

Lt. Col. Allen West is far beyond “okay.” He’s a stellar conservative and a true American patriot who will bring Texas back to its place of prominence, leading the nation as an example of what constitutional republicanism can do with the right person in charge. That’s why I’m so pleased by a recent poll that shows a runoff seems likely in the GOP primary. In fact, Lt. Col. West is LEADING Governor Abbott, a difficult feat when going against an incumbent.

According to Just The News:

Ahead of early voting in Texas’ primary election, seven Republican challengers to incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott are hoping they can split the vote enough to force a run-off election. One poll suggests they might have a shot, with one challenger, Lt. Col. (Ret.) Allen West, receiving 42.61% support compared to Abbott’s 34.18%.

The poll, by Paradigm Partners LLC, was conducted among 1,500 voters and has a margin of error of +/- 2.49%. If elected, West would become Texas’ first black governor.

A 22-year U.S. Army combat veteran and former Florida congressman, West began rallying against Abbott’s lockdown and COVID-19 policies nearly two years ago, arguing they were unconstitutional. He was elected chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, a post he held for one year before announcing his bid for governor.

It isn’t just Abbott’s failures over Covid. It’s also the fact that he is either late or a no-show on important issues. The border crisis, for example, has seen little attention from the Governor’s office. He should be the one leading the charge against the Biden regime’s obtuse open borders policies. Instead, he’s offered occasional rhetoric, late promises, and almost no tangible actions.

Meanwhile, illegal aliens continue to flood the nation with most of them crossing Abbott’s borders.

It’s time for Texas to be conservative country once again. Lt. Col. Allen West is the man who can get that job done. Just as I’ve endorsed him at every step in his political career, I proudly endorse him to be the next Governor of Texas.