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Los Angeles Removes “No U-Turn” Signs in a Sodomite Neighborhood Because They Were “Homophobic” or Something [VIDEO]

The Commiefornia s**thole known as Los Angeles may be riddled with crime, drugs, gangs, illegal aliens, and vagrants, but at least it’s not homophobic. The heroes at the Los Angeles City Council made sure of that this morning when they removed all the “No U-Turn” signs, which everyone knows are virulently homophobic, from a sodomite neighborhood.

Truly, these are the types of politicians America needs. Not a bunch of do-nothing performers who do a bit of political theater to make it seem like they’re contributing something to the society the help to run, but real heroes who go out and do what needs to be done. How would Los Angeles’s beloved sodomites have been able to drive comfortably through their neighborhood with such homophobic filth instructing them not to pull a u-ey?