Lori Lightfoot

Lori “The Leprechaun” Lightfoot Got Hammered by a Reporter Who Asked Her if She Should Retire

There are actually two stories here, consolidated because Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot doesn’t deserve the attention of two separate articles.

First, she celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by culturally appropriating leprechauns. Seriously.

Let’s put aside the ridiculousness of this comic book villain’s sidekick for a minute and get to the real issue. She has been a disaster for Chicago, and that’s saying a lot considering the long line of failed mayors who preceded her. Somehow, she has destroyed the once-proud city with policies that demonize law enforcement, enable criminals, and bring destitution to the citizens.

A reporter at a press conference called her out for it and asked her to resign.

Resigning or retiring is too good for Lori Lightfoot. She should be investigated, and when crimes are found she should be arrested, prosecuted, and jailed. Chicago deserves better.