Sergai Dybynyn

Loomer: FBI Questioned J6ers About Ukrainian Spy in the Capitol and Even Newsweek Is Asking Questions

How do you know when a huge scandal is so big that it cannot be ignored? When corporate media outlets reluctantly start asking questions.

The bombshells that continue to be dropped by populist firebrand Laura Loomer have drawn the attention of Newsweek, a leftist news outlet that isn’t afraid of covering up corruption for the Deep State. But Loomer’s reports over the weekend struck such a loud chord (we’ve covered it twice already) that corporate media is being forced to do their jobs.

According to Loomer:

If only you knew how bad this really is.

Newsweek now reporting on what I exposed this weekend: the FBI interrogated certain American J6ers over whether they knew a Ukrainian Spy operative by the name of Sergai Dybynyn who the FBI knows penetrated the US Capitol on J6 with other Ukrainian operatives. It was never known before I exposed this weekend the fact that FBI has known about this act of war by Ukraine against the US on J6.

They have never released this to the public. And Newsweek confirmed that when they reached out to FBI yesterday to get a statement about my reporting, the FBI didn’t provide a comment.

I can also report that the US intelligence agencies used their media operatives to falsely catalog Dybynyn as Russian when they knew all along that he was a Ukrainian operative spy.

This is a massive scandal I have uncovered and I’d like to know, where is the mainstream media to report on what I have discovered and reported on?

FBI interrogated AMERICAN CITIZENS who they jailed and asked them if they knew a Ukrainian spy who was at the Capitol. And now to reward Ukraine for their act of war against the US, @JoeBiden has sent Ukraine $200 BILLION.

This is treason at the highest levels.

The United States Capitol was Breached by Ukrainian spy Dybynyn and the FBI confirmed it internally, and has kept it secret. I exposed the fact that FBI knows the Capitol was breached. So why isn’t the media investigating?

Here’s the article Loomer referenced from Newsweek.

Loomer has those who love her and those who hate here. But regardless of one’s feelings about her, this reporting and the can of worms that she’s opening require much closer attention.

If the FBI knew at least one Ukrainian spy entered the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, why has that not been a focus of their extensive investigations? We know they have put more effort into catching J6 patriots than any other operation in FBI history, so one would think the presence of foreign nationals engaged in the so-called “insurrection” would be a top priority.

One has to wonder if Sergai Dybynyn, Kent “BoneFace” McLellan, and other Ukrainian Nazis got a pass because they were/are working for the Deep State. This “conspiracy theory” is quickly becoming a conspiracy reality and someone needs to answer for the crimes.

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