Elon Musk Pizzagate

Looks Like Elon Has Gone Down the Pizzagate Rabbit-Hole

There seems to be only  two viable reasons for Elon Musk posting a “Dominoes Effect” Tweet on Wednesday. Either he’s seeing the natural progression of conclusions that point to many among the elite — particularly globalists and leftist — who were/are engaged in child sex trafficking, or he’s trolling the conspiracy theorists who believe it.

I’m going with the former, not because I necessarily like or trust Musk but because he’s a smart guy who leans conspiratorial when appropriate. For Pizzagate, it’s definitely appropriate to keep an open mind. Whether someone is a full-blown believer in the theory, an open-minded skeptic who won’t dismiss something just because it’s outrageous, or anywhere in between, the Pizzagate theory has yielded fruit over the years that point to a high likelihood that at least some of it is true. But this isn’t the time to explore Pizzagate theories.

Back to Musk and his Tweet…


The meme he posted follows the progression of Barack Obama’s political career. Many believe it started because Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jack Ryan was forced to drop out when it was revealed that he had asked his former wife, actress Jeri Ryan, to engage in kinky sex in public. That led to Obama’s victory in the Senate before becoming President.

All of this was prompted by the last domino in Musk’s meme, the allegations by former Obama-lover Larry Sinclair. And in case anyone misconstrued his use of the word “Dominoes” as a reference to the game, he threw in a pizza emoji for effect.

“Dominoes” is a pedophile code that was referenced in emails to John Podesta. So even if Musk was trolling, we can assume that he has explored the theory. Again, I do not believe he is trolling anyone other than Obama.

Conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin explained:

BOOM: Elon Musk trolls Barack Obama with pedophile codes found in the Podesta E-mails!

Musk wrote “Dominoes Effect” with a pizza emoji in a post with a meme about Obama’s alleged drug-fueled gay orgy. “Dominos” and “pizza” are code words found in the Podesta E-mails. “Dominos” is believed to be a code word referencing a sex act, and the word pizza is a pedophile code word commonly used by child sex predators. Also, pizza emojis are also used by child sex predators as pedophile code as confirmed by the Wall Street Journal earlier this year.

On Dec. 12, 2015, creepily billionaire “philanthropist” Herb Sandler sent an e-mail with the subject “cheese” to John and Mary Podesta that concluded with this: “Ps. Do you think I’d do better playing dominos on cheese or pasta?”

On May 14, 2009, Fred Burton, the chief security officer at Stratfor, sent an e-mail to Don Kuykendall with others cc’d, released via Wikileaks’ Global Intelligence files. The e-mail read: “I think Obama spent about $65,000 of the tax-payers money flying in pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House not long ago, assume we are using the same channels?”

Looks like Elon has gone down the Pizzagate rabbit-hole! 🐇

We’re getting closer.

It’s always hard to tell if we’re getting through to the people or if it’s all just a false positive. The sheep are often the hardest to read. But if people like Musk get on board, it’s a step closer to getting the masses to wake up.

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