Spy Balloon Shot Down

VIDEOS: Benedict Biden Has CCP Spy Balloon Shot Down AFTER It Crossed the Entire Nation

Update: It’s done.

Here’s Chad Caton from Red Voice Media catching it live:

Another angle:

Original Story: It sounds like the Biden-Harris regime is planning to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted. They appear poised to down the Chinese spy balloon currently crossing the United States AFTER it’s done what it was supposed to do.

Whatever it was surveilling, it’s safe to assume the data has already been transmitted to the CCP. According to the Associated Press:

This jibes with reports that they are shutting down airports on the coast:

He had said earlier that he’s “going to take care of it.” According to NBC News:

Asked by a reporter if the U.S. will shoot down the balloon as he deplaned Air Force Once, Biden said, “We’re gonna take care of it.” It was the first time Biden had spoken on camera about the balloon and he did not say how his administration plans to take care of it.

At this point if he shoots it down, he looks like an idiot for waiting. If he doesn’t shoot it down he looks like a Beijing puppet and a coward. No matter what happens, this is a another win for Xi Jinping.

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