Matt Castelli

LOL: Former CIA Agent and Democrat Candidate Claims Rep. Elise Stefanik Is the Single Greatest Threat to Our Democracy

Anyone who has been following recent revelations about the Deep State and their tentacles of the NSA, FBI, CIA, and others are starting to realize what many of us have known for a while. These agencies and bureaus do more to harm the American people than protect us. They work for the Democrats. They work for the Liberal World Order. They work for the Military Industrial Complex.

They don’t work for us.

This is why it’s comical that former CIA agent and current Democrat candidate for U.S. Congress Matt Castelli went on Morning Joe to tell them what he believes the single greatest threat to Democracy is. According to someone who deceived people for a living and now wants to carry on the tradition by being a Democrat in Congress, the greatest threat is Congresswoman Elise Stefanik.


Laughably, after calling his opponent a threat to democracy, Castelli had the nerve to say, “People are tired. They’re tired of the extremism. They’re tired of the — the division.”

There desperately needs to be a red wave this November, if only to teach these radical progressives that lying to the American people is no longer an easy way for them to steal elections.