Liz Cheney (2)

Liz Cheney’s Conqueror Harriet Hageman Is Fed Up With Leftists and RINOs, So Someone Made a Video for Her

Campaign ads are sometimes quite entertaining. Most of them are boring or poor attempts at being interesting, but every now and then a campaign ad comes along worth highlighting.

Liz Cheney’s opponent in the GOP primary for her seat in Wyoming, Harriet Hageman, didn’t make the campaign video below. She should redo it in higher quality and release it because it’s awesome.

The Republican Establishment is rallying behind Cheney in a futile attempt to salvage the career of someone who was, until recently, one of their most powerful assets on Capitol Hill. She rose to be the third-highest ranking Republican in Congress until Trump Derangement Syndrome got the better of her. Then, her Uniparty Swamp puppet masters sacrificed her on the altar of the January 6 Commission.

Now, she’s on her way out in just 11 days.