Matt Gaetz

After Bragging That He Had the Votes, RINO Kevin McCarthy Fails AGAIN — Did Matt Gaetz Orchestrate This?

Friday night was supposed to be the anointing of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. It wasn’t.

Lauren Boebert declared “present.” Andy Biggs, Matt Rosendale, and Bob Good voted for Jim Jordan. Eli Crane voted for Biggs. That left Matt Gaetz who initially didn’t vote. When it came back to him he voted “present” as well.

McCarthy seemed perturbed by how it all went down, marching back to confront Gaetz. Did Gaetz promise to vote for him, then change his mind at the end? Or, more likely, did Gaetz plan to embarrass McCarthy the whole time? However it went down, we’ll have a 15 vote at some point.

Somebody needs to call Frank Luntz to have him cancel the champaign delivery for McCarthy’s house.

This story is breaking and will be updated when more is known.