List Released of Pelosi's Jan. 6 Witch Hunt Targets

List Released of Pelosi’s Jan. 6 Witch Hunt Targets

January 6th was a trap. It was contrived by the Deep State and Democrats to entrap patriots in an effort to suppress our rights to assemble and protest our government’s malfeasance. But with the initial stage of rounding up the “aggressors” nearly complete, the January 6 Committee has given license to the Deep State to target anyone and everyone in contact with Donald Trump during the months leading up to the event.

Committee Chairman Bennie G. Thompson sent a request for a voluminous amount of records to U.S. Archivist David S. Ferriero. The Nancy Pelosi witch hunt is expanding and has turned into a fishing expedition through which the Committee can continue their intimidation campaign while collecting data on others they can label as “domestic terrorists.”

Roger Stone, Angela Stanton King, Brandon Straka, Alex Jones, and Katrina Pierson are just some of the names the Committee wants investigated. They want communications between these people and the White House dating back nine months before the events on January 6th. This is abuse of investigative powers that defies the Constitution and dismisses the rights of these American citizens.

As Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec noted:

This move is designed for two primary purposes. First, they’re continuing to flex their muscles and intimidate anyone who dares to love this country. The goal is to suppress opposition, demonstrating that those who are willing to seek and tell the truth about the Biden regime, the Deep State, and those in both parties involved with stealing the 2020 election are at risk of being targeted. As Posobiec pointed out, this is an unambiguous Gestapo technique.

The second primary reason for going after these people is to grow the list of “potential domestic terrorists and instigators” by diving into the contacts of everyone they’re targeting. It’s guilt by association and they don’t believe anyone will stand up to stop them.

The tenacity of the Committee leads us to two important conclusions. First, they are still in the process of covering up the crimes that were committed on behalf of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris before, during, and after the 2020 election. Second, they want to make sure that their efforts to control results of future elections are not exposed. If either of these two conclusions were incorrect, the Committee would not be willing to expose itself to the scrutiny that comes with the radical actions they’ve taken and continue to take today.

To the Deep State, the January 6 Committee, and the Biden regime, the greatest crime an American can commit is loving this country and defending the Constitution. Those who do endanger the nefarious agenda of the powers-that-be.