Migrants Bused to New York City

Lisa Marie Boothe Wonders Why NYC and DC Are So Against the Illegal Aliens They Want Other Cities to Embrace

To say leftist hypocrisy is on display at any given moment is like saying Joe Biden has dementia. Everybody knows it, corporate media ignores it, and it’s making long-time Democrats question their allegiance.

The latest unambiguous case of hypocrisy is coming from New York City and Washington DC. Illegal aliens are being bused from border towns to the two progressive cities. The leaders of these cities are crying foul and claiming they cannot handle it despite having said for years that we need to be more compassionate to invaders of our southern border.

Commentator Lisa Marie Boothe took to Fox News to ask questions about the Democrats’ confusing responses:

“I just don’t understand why Mayor Bowser and Eric Adams are so against migrants,” she said. “I mean, I remember at one point when liberals were lecturing that the Statue of Liberty said give me your poor, give me hungry, your huddled masses, so DC and New York are sanctuary cities, so I don’t understand why they aren’t rolling out the red carpet, embracing these individuals with open arms.”

Her second point was important. These cities are seeing influxes of thousands of people. They are huge and cannot handle the relatively small amount. Meanwhile, border towns of tens of thousands are often being hit by 15,000 or more illegal aliens at a time. Democrats expect these cities to suck it up, but when the issue hits their huge metropolises they have a kanipshin.

Will more leftists wake up to the reality that the illegal alien invasion is a massive problem harming American citizens every minute of every day? Unfortunately, most will not. They’re too deeply indoctrinated into their destructive ideology.

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