Lisa Boothe on the Greater Threat than Covidd

Lisa Boothe on the Greater Threat than Covid

At 36-years-old, Fox News pundit Lisa Boothe is statistically not at risk from Covid-19. She has been outspoken against the various vaccine mandates. Today, she took to social media to explain why she’s not getting the jabs.

If you are under 70 you have a 99.95% survival rate against COVID. That threat diminishes the younger you get. But let’s just engage in gross human rights abuses against people who don’t want to get vaccinated against a virus that is not a threat to their life.

I’m not getting the vaccine. COVID is not statistically a threat to my life and everyone spreads it, regardless if they are vaccinated or not. Tyranny is a bigger threat to my life than COVID.

The biggest threat to our country and the world is tyranny. You either accept it or you fight it. Which side are you on?

What far too many people fail to understand is that the tyranny rising across the globe isn’t just going to affect the unvaccinated. Those who have been jabbed will soon learn they are no longer considered “fully vaccinated” unless they get on the incessant booster regimen. Even those who are okay with this concept will be detrimentally impacted by the economic disaster the mandates will directly cause.

As Boothe pointed out, the vaccines do not protect people from contracting nor do they prevent people from spreading Covid-19. Therefore, those who think the mandates will help them remain healthy are either delusional, anti-science, or both.