Let’s Remember the Mass-Murder-in-Progress that Was Stopped by Great Police Work

Our readers likely know the story. The vast majority of Americans do not because it goes against their #DefundPolice narrative. It’s the story of the North Dakota wannabe mass murderer who got taken down by law enforcement.

Now that bodycam footage has been released, let’s take a look at the reporting by KanekoaTheGreat:

Body camera footage shows a gunman opening a “barrage” of gunfire on North Dakota police as they responded to a routine crash before one officer ended the nearly 2-minute assault.

Mohamad Barakat, armed with 1800 rounds of ammunition, multiple firearms, tactical gear, a grenade, and homemade explosives, ambushed police officers, tragically killing 23-year-old Officer Jake Wallin and injuring his colleagues, 22-year-old Tyler Hawes and 28-year-old Andrew Dotas.

Barakat, a Syrian asylum seeker who moved to the U.S. in 2012, also shot a woman fleeing the scene before being shot and killed by Officer Zach Robinson.

Authorities believe Barakat’s ambush was the prelude to a larger attack that day, with a potential target of the Downtown Fargo Street Fair attended by thousands.

His internet search history revealed searches related to mass shootings across the country, with his final search focusing on the Downtown Fargo Street Fair, which was taking place on the same day.

A story of success by law enforcement is a story that’s buried by corporate media. Let’s get the word out.