Legal Scholar Robert Barnes Reveals the 5 Top REAL Reasons They Indicted Trump

On the day that the Democrats/Deep State, using a puppet of admitted Nazi collaborator George Soros, Democrat Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, prominent legal scholar Robert Barnes revealed what he believes are the top five REAL reasons they’re going after President Donald Trump.

According to Robert Barnes, the real charges are:

  1. He beat Hillary Clinton
  2. He beat the Bush Machine
  3. He didn’t start a new war
  4. He didn’t give away jobs overseas
  5. He exposed the Deep State

Those are all true of course but many would add one more item to today’s charges against the president:

He coined the term “Fake News” and exposed just how corrupt the mainstream media is, easily as bad if not worse than the regime organs you see in communist regimes. 

Trump made many mistakes during his presidency and often surrounded himself with people who have less than noble intentions. But he did upset the apple cart and refused to play ball with the globalist uniparty.

And for that, as well as the items above, he provides a major threat to their power and crimes and must be taken out by them at any cost.

Pray for President Trump. As in third-world puppet regimes, if the leader refuses to play ball they will try all of the slimy tactics they’ve used against Trump and if threats, bribery, jail, etc. don’t work . . . well . . . you know what they do next.