Tucker Carlson

Leftwing Propagandist Ben Smith Tries to Ambush Tucker Carlson During “Interview” and Quickly Learns He Made a Terrible Mistake

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When radical leftists go after conservatives or populists, their go-to attack is “RACIST!!!” Their actual ideas fail miserably 100% of the time, so they go with gaslighting and false labels as their preferred weapons.

Former NY Times columnist Ben Smith thought it was a good idea to use the “RACIST” tactic against Fox News host Tucker Carlson. What transpired was a good ol’ fashioned ass-kicking of such undeniable magnitude, even Soros-funded leftwing rag Media Matters was embarrassed for poor Smith:

“Semafor founder Ben Smith’s much-ballyhooed Thursday interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson was, predictably, a total shitshow.”

Smith rooted his argument on two points: A short clip of Carlson mentioning “Replacement Theory” without context and the notion that White Supremacists watch his show. He failed miserably to make either point stick and Carlson manhandled him the way Mike Tyson would manhandle an obnoxious passenger on a plane.


It’s cringe-worthy by itself, but what makes it even more embarrassing for the leftwing propagandist is that he truly believed it would be a good idea to go toe-to-toe with Carlson.

Then, there’s the fact that he opened the conversation by begging Carlson not to steamroll him, then tried throughout the interview to steamroll Carlson. Big mistake. It made him look even weaker than he already looked, especially when pretty much everything Carlson said in retort was completely accurate.

“I’m just hoping you’ll let me ask questions and not steamroll me because you’re a professional and I’m not,” he said.

There are a few morals to this story, not the least of which is don’t throw a child in the ring to fight a lion. But perhaps the biggest lesson learned is that the “racism” hammer only works if you’re talking to actual racists, which Carlson is not.