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Leftwing Media Claims NeoCon Nikki Is on Trump’s VP Shortlist: Here’s Trump’s 15-Word Response

Axios journalist Alex Thompson posted “insider information” on Saturday that claimed Nikki Haley was being strongly considered by Donald Trump to be his running mate.

According to Axios:

Nikki Haley is under active consideration by Donald Trump’s campaign to be his running mate, two people familiar with the dynamic told Axios.

The GOP rivals’ relationship remains chilly, but Trump could pick Haley if he were convinced she’d help him win the presidency, avoid a potential prison sentence and cover tens of millions in legal bills if he loses.

Republicans close to both campaigns believe it’s in Haley and Trump’s mutual interests to reconcile, despite their bitter fight in the GOP primary and their divergent views on some big issues.

Trump is scrambling to make up a fundraising disadvantage against President Biden and pay legal fees. Haley, meanwhile, has deep ties to donors who are wary of the former president.

A reconciliation with Haley, his former UN ambassador, also could help Trump cut attract some of the college-educated Republicans who have kept voting for her in primaries even after she dropped out.

Spokespeople for Trump and Haley declined to comment.

Trump didn’t need a spokesperson to debunk the claim. He used 15-words to negate the “insider information” Axios posted.

“Nikki Haley is not under consideration for the V.P. slot, but I wish her well!” Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform.

As a best practice, Trump supporters should never get their news from leftwing fake news outlets. It only raises their blood pressure unnecessarily.