Leftists Are Smearing This Group That Wants to Start a “Rural Renaissance” to Counter the Urban Hellholes That Are American Cities

(ZeroHedge)—A majority of Americans are fed up with imploding progressive metro areas transforming into violent crime hellholes because Soros-backed District Attorneys refuse to enforce common sense law and order. Americans are tired of radicals in the Biden administration who knowingly push for open southern borders. At the same time, tax-payer-funded non-governmental organizations facilitate the greatest invasion this nation has ever seen of unvetted individuals – some of whom are on the FBI’s Terror Watch List. The president’s collapsing polling data is a symptom the American people have rejected this mumbling, silent generation president who should be in a nursing home or on a La-Z-Boy recliner at his beach house in the elite-only beach town of Bethany.

In recent years, the tyrannical overreach of government during Covid, BLM riots, and nationwide violent crime eruption, plus the 30-year fixed mortgage rate under 3%, unleashed the greatest-ever exodus of Americans from Demcorat-controlled states and metro areas for safer areas in red states.

The migration trends of the Covid period are still happening today, just less because of housing affordability woes.

However, an entirely new trend is emerging: a venture fund in rural Kentucky is building a new community for folks who want to escape all the chaos of progressive cities.

Called the “Highland Rim Project” (HRP), venture fund New Founding is developing “rural towns and communities nestled in the bucolic hills of the Eastern Highland Rim area of Tennessee and Kentucky.”

HRP’s website stated, “Our nation is in the midst of a generational people movement to small towns and rural areas.”

“Remote work enables a revolution in where people live and how they organize themselves into communities. People are, especially since Covid, proactively seeking communities that align with their values and way of life. The knowledge economy worker can now work and live in a small town, uplifting areas that have struggled with economic depression for decades,” it pointed out.

The firm said HRP is a partnership with “business owners, pastors, and other community leaders.”

Joshua Abbotoy, Managing Director of the New Founding organization, said the community’s leadership would be predominantly Protestant Christians.

“The whole point of it is to plant a flag and say this small town is where our people are gathering. And the question is: who is going to grab the land? Is it going to be good, based people who want to build something inspiring that’s culturally authentic to the region’s history? Or is it going to be Bill Gates and BlackRock and hippies from California?” Abbotoy said in a video.

Leftist corporate media outlets called Abbotoy’s HRP a place for the ‘far-right community’.

Abbotoy said on social media platform X that HRP has “struck a nerve” with corporate media.

He said the number of people signing up to be on a waiting list for HRP is “overwhelming.”

How can progressive media be mad at HRP for wanting to build a “Rural Renaissance” for families when far-left Democrats build trash-covered ‘autonomous zones.’

To sum up, Americans who are sick of progressives destroying cities and the nation should keep voting with their feet.