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Leftist Rag ‘The Daily Beast’ Tries to Blame the Russia-Ukraine Debacle on the Guy in Florida

Ukraine is on the verge of being invaded by Russia and the Biden-Harris regime is squarely to blame. They’ve shifted back and forth between total weakness and disingenuous saber-rattling, leaving everyone in both countries confused about what the U.S. will do when it happens.

It’s crystal clear to anyone who is paying attention that the regime has botched this entire debacle from the start. Unfortunately, leftist media is well-aware that most Americans aren’t paying attention, so they decided to spin the story in ways that require intellectual gymnastics and a healthy dose of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Yep, they’re blaming Donald Trump. Here’s an excerpt from The Daily Beast propaganda piece:

As Russian President Vladimir Putin lays the groundwork for an invasion of Ukraine, Republicans in Congress have been laying the groundwork to blame President Joe Biden for failing to prevent an attack.

But it’s former President Donald Trump, recently retired military officials and diplomats told The Daily Beast, who may bear more responsibility for the looming crisis with Russia than Biden.

Trump, whose relationship with Russia has been famously complicated, pushed back on providing aid to Ukraine in 2017. Trump was reportedly reluctant to provide security aid, in part, because he wanted Ukraine to pay the United States back. That year, Putin made his case to Trump during a 2017 meeting that Russia had sovereignty claims over Ukraine.

The article does not mention the part about Trump rejecting Putin’s claims on Ukraine, which is why the Russian leader waited until Trump was gone before pressing the issue. The article also doesn’t mention that it is the Biden regime that has been communicating with leaders on both sides while Trump has been doing rallies and spending most of his time in Florida.

Perhaps even more laughable is the notion that Trump withholding aid in 2017 is one of the main causes. The aid would not have been anywhere near enough to dissuade Putin from going after Ukraine.

Putin has had his sights set on Ukraine for many years. There’s a reason he waited until Joe Biden was in office before making his move. The thought that Trump is to blame would be laughable if it weren’t so sad.