Colin Cowherd

Left-Leaning Colin Cowherd Predicts Red Wave Coming: ‘Don’t Mess With People’s Kids’

Sports show host Colin Cowherd has built a controversial career by saying things most people are too uncomfortable with to say. His statements have landed him in trouble with bosses and his audience throughout the years, but those statements have mostly been apolitical. Today, the self-proclaimed leftist posted something that will get him in hot water with Democrats.

Red wave is coming Tuesday. Don’t mess w people’s kids. It lands differently — and they will hold a grudge. Can’t blame em. That’s my Ted Talk.

Does he know that even predicting a red wave, which seems likely, will bring cancel culture to his doorstep? Yes. Instead of backing down, he doubled down by dropping reality bombs on Twitter when someone warned about the coming onslaught against him:

Couldn’t give two Fs. I lean mostly left, but data clearly proved kids 18 and under were safe….Yet held out of schools. Test scores have plummeted. Suicides have risen. Chaos for parents. Just a sad reality of ignoring data. A price will be paid and hopefully a lesson learned.

Whatever anything thinks of Colin Cowherd’s opinions about sports, politics, or life, they have to admit that he says things he believes to be true. Having a limited filter may make his professional life challenging, but it also helps keep him on top.

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