Steve Bannon

Learn What Steve Bannon’s Prison Sentence Means as the Globalist Left Collapses America

The persecution of Steve Bannon, Alex Jones, the January 6 political prisoners, and America First patriots across the nation are all being attacked for the same reason. The radical leftists and the globalist elite cabal are desperate to keep their evil agenda going and those who fight them in protest or who disseminate the truth are the primary targets of the powers-that-be.

This is why they stole the election from Donald Trump. It’s why they censor anyone who speaks out against the jabs. It’s why exposing child groomers is forbidden but bringing children to drag shows is applauded.

This is all about the destruction of our society. They cannot “build back better” if things are going well. They don’t need a “great reset” if the system isn’t broken. As a result, they’re trying to break it and anyone who stands in their way is a problem. Here’s a video of Owen Shroyer from Infowars breaking down the Steve Bannon sentence.

According to Infowars and Banned.Video:

Owen Shroyer hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down what Steve Bannon’s sentence from the sham J6 committee means for the destruction of America as the globalist backed left tightens their grip on their political opposition.

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