Confidential Pfizer Memo About Project Veritas Gets Leaked . . . To Project Veritas

Pfizer will protect their lies any way they can. There’s far too much at stake in the form of massive profits as well as the agenda of the globalist elite cabal, so when their protective shields of corporate media, Big Tech, and government fail them, they are forced to rely on traditional methods to continue lying to the public.

So, they put out a memo warning employees that the random person they meet at a bar or on a dating app may be one of the crazies at Project Veritas.

Following the bombshell undercover video of Pfizer executive Jordan Walker revealing the company is using “directed evolution” (aka gain-of-function research) to create new variants of Covid-19, Big Pharma’s puppets in media and government did everything possible to diffuse the blockbuster news. For the most part, they were successful; despite over 30 million views of the video on Twitter, it has been effectively stifled everywhere else.

To protect their lies, they put out a memo to employees warning them of such undercover operations. In doing so, they acknowledged that Walker is or was an employee. They also did not deny the contents of the video, claiming only that it had been “manipulated.” The only manipulations anyone has accused Project Veritas of doing are contextual. But here’s the thing. There is no context in which acknowledging a company is developing new variants of Covid for the sake of profits can be seen in a positive light.

Here’s the letter they sent out, which was leaked to… you guessed it… Project Veritas.

Pfizer got busted so they’re trying to not only gaslight their own employees, but also prevent them from revealing more truths. It is imperative that we share the facts about their products as widely as possible.

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