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Leaked NYPD Documents Show Anyone Carrying Firearms Is Presumed Guilty Until Proven Innocent

There are few things more American than the 2nd Amendment. It has been the singular reason tyranny has not risen up across the land, even at times when authoritarianism was popular. We’re in such a time as American citizens have begun giving away their freedoms for the sake of alleged safety, and New York City is the epicenter of this plague.

The Supreme Court ruling against draconian firearm permit laws in New York was supposed to usher in protection of 2nd Amendment rights for New Yorkers. Unfortunately, the radicals in power at the state and city level have sidestep the Supreme Court to issue even more draconian laws as a result. Now, the NYPD is getting in on the action by declaring law abiding citizens who carry firearms are to be presumed guilty until they can prove their innocent.

According to a leak from Project Veritas:

“Anyone carrying a firearm is presumed to be carrying unlawfully until proven otherwise.”

In one statement, the NYPD has essentially shattered the U.S. Constitution.

This is a police state action. It is retribution against those who fought for their rights. But it’s worse than that. The new guidance also highlights how pretty much anywhere in New York City is still considered a gun-free zone. Public, private, doesn’t matter. Unless you’re a cop or a former cop, you can’t bring your legal firearms to church, let alone on public transportation or just about anywhere else.

Leftist leaders in city, state, and law enforcement capacities  are telling the people that if the Supreme Court won’t let them say who’s allowed to have gun rights, then they’ll limit acceptable carrying locations to oblivion. Just when we thought gun rights were being protected, Democrats proved us terribly wrong.

Here is the full memo:

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