Leaked Internal Email Show Tar-Gay Hasn’t Learned Their Lesson Yet

One would think the financial and public relations carnage Target has been getting the past couple of weeks would make them rethink their corporate wokeness. Nope. They believe that embracing LGBTQIA+ supremacy is much more important than their customers’ wishes or the shareholders’ dollars.

As Greg Price reported:

“I have obtained an internal email @Target sent to their employees today, which asks them to participate in ‘Pride Week’ activities that include ‘Queer Bingo,’ a presentation on “How to be a better ally,” and a “Pride+ Pro Sports panel.”

Is Target the only company engaged in similar activities? Not even close. It’s safe to assume the vast majority of big companies in America are engaged in some way with pushing their employees into “Pride Month” festivities. But one might think Target of all companies would tone it down, at least until the dust settles. It appears they have learned nothing from their self-imposed misfortunes.