Leaked Audio Reveals RINO Kevin McCarthy Wanted Donald Trump to Resign After January 6 Protest

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Liz Cheney that he would ask President Trump to resign following the events of January 6, 2021. This was revealed in a leaked audio played by MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on Thursday.

The audio reveals he was “considering” the move to ask the President to resign despite the fact that Trump had not participated in or encouraged any of the violence that took place at the Capitol Building. It’s unclear if he had that conversation with the President, but he made it clear in the audio that he disapproved of Trump’s role.

According to The Gateway Pundit:

“I think [impeachment resolutions] will pass, and it would be my recommendation you should resign,” McCarthy said he would tell Trump before further adding, “what he did is unacceptable. Nobody can defend that and nobody should defend it.”

Liz Cheney had pressed McCarthy about whether Trump could possibly choose to resign on his own: “Is there any chance? Are you hearing that he might resign? Is there any reason to think that might happen?”

McCarthy then admitted that this was a topic he has “had a few discussions” about with others. “My gut tells me no,” he said. “I’m seriously thinking of having that conversation with him tonight…Um, from what I know of him, I mean you guys all know him too, do you think he’d ever back away? But what I think I’m going to do, is I’m going to call him.”

The minority leader then explained he would appeal to Trump’s reason regarding an impending impeachment resolution. “This, this is what I think, we know it’ll pass the House. I think there’s a chance it’ll pass the Senate, even when he’s gone. Um, and I think there’s a lot of ramifications for that.” One such ramification would be that Trump could never hold federal office again.

McCarthy also indicated that he believed Twitter and Facebook should delete the accounts of lawmakers who were supporting Trump’s claim of a rigged election. “We can’t put up with that,” he said. “Can’t they take their Twitter accounts away, too?”

As I’ve said for a long time, McCarthy is not the right man to lead the House as Speaker or to represent the people as one of the top members of the Republican Party. He is worse than your average RINO like Liz Cheney or Adam Kinzinger. At least with them, we know where they stand. With McCarthy, he plays every angle and often works for both sides simultaneously. He’s cut in the mold of Paul Ryan and John Boehner, but he may be even better than either of them at slithering through Capitol Hill as an Establishment hack.

The first question that should be asked of any Republican running for Congress is whether they would support McCarthy for Speaker of the House should the GOP retake the majority. Anyone who supports him is not an America First patriot.