Cackling Kamala Harris

Lauren Boebert’s 11-Word Tweet Makes a Great Point About Clueless Cackling Kamala Harris

One of the hallmark’s of popular social media accounts among conservatives is that we tend to point out the obvious while adding a bit of flavor. It can be snark, anger, glee, or any of a wide range of toppings we put on our perspectives posted to social media. Given the limited character space allowed on sites like Gab, Twitter, and Gettr, it makes sense to be as clever as possible with very few words.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert learned this well before she became a politician. Digital bites of cleverness helped make her popular and she has taken that knack to Twitter (though I wish she’d spend much more time on Gab instead) even as a sitting Congresswoman. One of her latest quips targeted Kamala Harris, and it didn’t take many words to make her point.

“Kamala Harris knows so little about everything that it’s almost impressive.”

We often rail against the person who was installed through voter fraud into the Vice President’s office, but Boebert’s point is an important one. Kamala Harris has been a complete and total disaster. As I noted on Gab:

The failures of Kamala Harris have become legendary.

  • She makes Dan Quayle seem smart.
  • She makes Al Gore seem sane.
  • She even makes Dick Cheney seem a little less evil.

The fact that she has made it this far in politics tells you all you need to know about our corrupt system.

If Cackling Kamala is ever pushed into the role of Commander-in-Chief, we’re doomed. Seriously, it’s over. Dear Leader Biden is horrible, but even he looks smart and competent compared to his #2.